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Natalie explains the mural process


Perfect for bringing any wall to life with a logo, custom artwork or statement

Ideal for shops, restaurants, offices, classrooms, community centers, and homes (kitchens, family rooms, playrooms, nurseries, and home offices).

$40-50/sqft, depending on level of detail. $800 minimum

*Prices listed are estimates, final price determined by level of detail required. Prices subject to change without notice.

A customized quote will be issued at the start of each project.


Beautiful chalk lettering and stunning illustrations.

Perfect for wow-ing your customers and standing out from the crowd!

Custom Designs : Lettering & Illustrations

Custom Built, Framed Chalkboards & Signs

Chalk Art Packages for small businesses:
Signs, Events, Specials & Menu Boards, Seasonal Decor

As is the nature of chalk... permanence is not guaranteed or expected - smudges happen! We recommend hanging your chalk art in a low traffic area or out of reach of curious fingers.


Chalkboard Art pricing

Custom Framed Chalkboard Pricing:


max size: 96"x48"

Chalk Artwork Pricing:

Illustrations: $40-60/sqft

Text: $20-40/sqft


Window paintings showcase your offerings and draw customers in! Or share a fun seasonal image to bring a smile to your community.

  • Pricing based on level of detail and size of window. Generally, $80-$200 per panel. Pricing higher for very large windows. Free estimates.

  • Paint is easily removed when you're ready to change out the design.

  • Window paint can last years with proper weather protection.

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